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Why Choose Nutrition?

Naturopathic nutritional therapy promotes the health benefits of consuming organic and whole foods as medicine. This has been an elemental concept of healing across many indigenous societies for years. For example, the traditional Chinese and East Indian Ayurvedic systems have been employed with remarkable accuracy, pinpointing disease conditions and identifying healing foods, for centuries.
Modern nutritional therapy provides a one-to-one service and draws on the teachings of Functional Medicine where the eleven systems of the body are viewed as being totally interconnected, rather than separate entities. This results in a holistic assessment of the client’s current diet and wellbeing and enables a unique insight into the causes of imbalance. From this standpoint, an entirely personalised plan encompassing a variety of nutritional and lifestyle approaches may be designed for each individual.

In certain cases, genetic testing may be used to help understand specific traits and to investigate the root causes of various symptoms. These days we understand so much more about DNA and realise that certain behaviours and environmental factors can heavily influence gene expression. With this information, a targeted plan may support a host of health concerns from infertility to promoting healthy ageing, identifying auto immune conditions and improving sports performance.