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The key elements

 TrimFull combines all the advice and guidance you need from a nutritional expert on what to eat coupled with the essential coaching and support that will take you to goal.

The Programme

This is the core of TrimFull which entails eating until you are full, enjoying wholesome healthy meals and never feeling the urge to snack! When you join TrimFull you will receive your own copy of The Programme, a guide packed with information based on the premise of calorie density. Although, over time, it will become less important, at the beginning it is crucial that we understand the caloric density of foods and stick within clearly defined limits in order to lose weight. I cannot tell you how many people eat a ‘healthy’ diet yet find to their determent that nuts, seeds, avocadoes and olive oil are all packed with calories. As healthy as they are, we need to go carefully on portion sizes here yet, can freely fill our plates with a host of alternative and extremely nutritious fruits, veggies and condiments. 

To begin with your weight will be taken together with your height and BMI and from here a safe limit of calories per day will be recommended. This re-training of our understanding of the caloric density of foods begins to take hold after a few short weeks and in time, you will instinctively know which foods to enjoy, which to avoid and which to ‘save up’ for a special occasion. Your pack includes a host of delicious recipes and snack suggestions all of which have been calorie counted for you in advance with these being supported by advice on portion size, how to create satisfying meals and managing your macronutrients.

Your Programme is completed with suggestions on eating out, what to drink, shopping for food and preparing in advance. Remember that your personal coach is always on hand to answer any additional questions that you might have as well as offering lots of helpful hints and tips along the way.


The Coaching Workbook

Right from the outset you will be presented with your fully interactive Coaching Workbook, unique to TrimFull. From the beginning we ask you to rate your current wellbeing and from there to take time and consider your ‘why’. Together we look ahead and, to the last detail, define your best version of you… the re-invented you that we are working towards! Crammed with inspirational advice and lots of space for you to outline your dreams and goals, we get to work together and infuse your new journey with passion and determination…As well as key guidance on how to overcome challenges, the workbook includes tables for you to record your progress on a weekly basis. Not only this but you are coached in anticipating any derailments that may crop up along the way and how to keep your focus no matter what.

Depending which TrimFull package you have selected, your coach will take your weight and waist measurment every week and offer a safe space within which to discuss progress. We make the weigh-in fun and something to look foward to! TrimFull is one of the most positive experiences and our members love the success that they enjoy because of this approach.