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optimal ENERGY

Peak energy and wellbeing

One of the most common problems created by our stressful, modern day lives is tiredness, a lack of energy and low mood.

Why do you feel so tired?

The ways in which the body generates and maintains energy is highly complex. One of the key factors for tiredness can be psychological stress (whether real or imagined), and which may result in lethargy and in an inability to adapt to stress over the long term.  Supporting the bodies reaction to stress and ensuring simple changes to nutrition and lifestyle can be very beneficial. Another key factor can be a lack of adequate sleep or poor quality sleep which may be made worse by over-stimulation from television, tablets, phones and laptops especially when these are used in the bedroom.

Good nutrition increase energy

The great news is that there is a great deal that can be done to improve energy levels with good nutrition. Oftentimes balancing blood sugar levels and reducing stimulants can help as well as increasing activity and including good quality nutrient supplementation on a daily basis. 

Often a more in depth analysis is required whereby a review of contributory factors, including mitochondrial functions, hormonal imbalances, sensitivities , viral, parasitic, yeast, bacterial infections and impaired digestion can prove helpful.