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ALLERGY & intolerance testing

Is it actually an allergy?

Many times symptoms such as migraines, skin rashes, a strong histamine response and so on can be traced back to certain food intolerances.

Although rare, allergies to certain foods do exist although the majority of people that experience an unpleasant reaction to any food or drink will in actual fact only have an intolerance to certain ingredients. Years ago, in order to identify the exat foods and drinks that were causing problems, an elimination method was used. This involved removing one food at a time however, it often proved to be inconclusive, particularly where multiple foods were causing the problems.


Reliable testing

These days the quickest way of establishing whether a true food intolerance exists is with the support of a straightforward blood test. This gauges an IgG response (or delayed response), to different foods. The test is totally scientific, providing a conclusive and graded reaction to between seventy five and one hundred and fifty different foods from a single sample. As part of the consultative process we will decide together how many food types are tested for.

Along with my guidance, clients are able to eliminate the problem ingredients from their diet and without risking any nutritional deficiencies. On occasion, once adequately rested and repaired, the gut can often heal itself, sometimes to the extent that it can allow the safe reintroduction of previously problematic foods and drinks.