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Have you ever wondered which is the best way of eating, given the huge amount of diets that are currently on the market? Well it is consistently a Mediterranean, whole food diet that is ranked as the healthiest and as you will see,  my TrimFull weight loss plan is very much based on this way of eating. This well balance and age-old way of eating favours wholegrains, fish and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Added to this, the diet encompasses nuts, seeds, legumes and healthy oils such as coconut and olive oil. Worldwide a Mediterranean way of eating is valued for its potential for weight loss properties  and for how easy it is to follow. Its nutritional profile and its ability to help us stave off chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease by strengthening the immune system are legendary. This way of eating dates back many centuries where many people lived in small communities and relied heavily on seasonal fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and ate according to the abundance of fresh, locally sourced foods that were harvested from their local areas.  

Research demonstrates that many of the people that still today continue to eat this way and who enjoy lots of sunshine have above average levels of good health and can remain active well into their later years. As well as the vitamins and minerals contained within their foods, the Mediterranean way of eating includes fibre and water rich foods that are also high in polyphenols and the other health promoting nutrients. 

Weight loss is particularly starred with this healthy lifestyle as it automatically it cuts out processed, sugary foods and there is no place for overly refined carbohydrates, dense, saturated fats or too many animal products. Indeed, the good fats that are included within coconut and olive oil, nuts and seeds represent heart healthy Omega 3’s. These oils support heart health, contribute to brain function and benefit the eyes, skin and numerous other systems within the body. 

Have a look at my TrimFull plan featured on the Home page here, it encompasses all the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and keeps you feeling fuller for longer with coaching included!