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Obesity is now such a threat to human life across the planet that the World Health Organisation (WHO) coined the phrase ‘globesity’ in 2021 to highlight the seriousness of this issue.

Rates of obesity have now doubled since 1980 and today nearly one in four adults are overweight and a staggering 13% are obese. Not only are adults at risk but children are also suffering with 6.3% of under fives being overweight or obese. The long term outlook for these children is troublesome as they are likely to be challenged with continuing overweight and additional health problems into their adult lives. While obesity itself is a serious health issue it also brings with it the likelihood of a host of additional and very serious health concerns from diabetes 2 to coronary heart disease and osteoarthritis, to name but a few. 

While most of us are aware that eating healthier foods and taking more exercise lies at the heart of tackling excess fat, this is often easier said than done for many. Scientists are now discovering the degree to which an individuals genetics can play in terms of how easily they remain trim or how difficult they find it to lose weight. Another area that science is exploring is the role that gut bacteria plays in how the body stores fat. There are many hypothesise and many diets that claim to have the answers to this ever expanding problem. One thing is for sure however, that if we all cut back on animal derived foods,  ate more vegetables, included fibre, chose quality plant based protein and drank more water, this would go a long way to promoting greater satiety and overall robust health. Simple changes to every day life and dietary choices can make huge differences to the outcomes of not only our health but  also that of children and the planet as a whole. Its time to heed the the word ‘globesity’ and take it seriously as currently this pandemic shows no sign of abating.