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Now that autumn is here it’s easy to slip into hibernation, sitting on the couch, watching TV, night after night, not realising how much valuable time is slipping by unnoticed. So what can we do to retain our focus and keep achieving those goals during the autumn and winter months?

Keeping to a routine

Humans are creatures of habit, that’s a fact and we can use this to our advantage by building in regular routines that benefit us rather than turn us into couch potatoes. Sticking to a timetable, as dull as that might sound, is the key. Success is almost always built upon consistency, no matter how tiny the steps taken… The main thing is keep doing that thing you do every day and you will get there.

There are many devices these days that help to keep us on track whether it’s your smart phone, FitBit or on-line fitness App… Make the most of these gadgets and make it fun!

Variety is key

Although we thrive on routine that doesn’t mean to say that exercise has to be boring so change it up every so often and don’t just stick to the same activity. Taking part in different activities such as cycling, swimming, yoga and weights will not only keep your mind challenged but will also work different parts of your body, sculpting and toning far more areas than you could reach with just on routine. Cardio and strength training go together so well so work out a plan to fit both into your week or combine the two in one session.

Have fun…

The key to sticking at anything is to enjoy it… otherwise you’ll find yourself sneaking back to the sofa and the comfort of carb heavy comfort foods. When we really enjoy anything we look forward to it so do your research and find out about how many different forms of exercise are out there now. From horse riding to yoga, tai chi to learning to dive… there are some pretty exciting ways to more your body and in learning new skills you are stretching your mind as well.

Just think, taking a PADI diving course could lead to adventures next summer and in the meantime would be hugely motivating to chew up those lengths in the pool. Exercise like most things in life needs a goal.. so aim high and mix with people that share your new found passion.

Keep motivated and commit to staying in shape and improving your fitness over the dark winter months. Remember that no one ever regretted a work out and that mood follows action so get out there and change the day in an instant.